Saturday, March 29, 2008

I love Judy Belcher's Tessellated Cane technique...

Hi Everyone,

I'm still playing with Judy Belcher's tessellated canes. The first of these images are from the clays I used in the chickadee cane without adding the background (you can see the chickadee breast, tail feathers, and leaf cane). These are by far my favourite - I love the colours and how they came out. I'm going to make some earrings with these and try to save the rest for my project. There's not much though - less than an inch of each of these canes. I'll have to slice thinly.

As I was rooting around my clay supplies I came across some scraps from landscape canes that I had done earlier. I did a bit of my scrap clay technique and combined it with Judy's technique and these were the result. The colours are quite pretty. Not sure if they'll go with my project or if I'll use them as earrings or what.

And this last set is the scrap from the scrap of the chickadee cane. The canes are small, only about an inch or so long. They'll go with the project since they've got enough brown in them that they might link the bear claws to the chickadee and other canes.

If you're at all interested in learning the technique, Judy Belcher alludes to it in her book (she uses all of 3 sentences to describe it - good luck with figuring it out from there) and she does a nice video of it on her DVD. It's pretty easy to figure out how to make the central core but it's what she does after that that makes all the difference. You can buy her DVD through a number of different sources. Judy's site is for those that want more information.

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