Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow and more snow

Yesterday the whole East of US and Canada got hit with a massive storm. We were no exception. This is the view from our window yesterday afternoon. The camera doesn't do it justice but it's blizzarding out there. According to the news folks we've received three times more snow this year than we've had in any year in the last 30 years. This storm just piled on what had been there already.

Here's the view this morning with my husband shovelling the sidewalk. We've got some beautiful neighbors that share a driveway with us who did most of the shovelling yesterday so Joe is putting on the finishing touches but he's still been out for over an hour. We have a very small front lawn and most of the snow is from the driveway.

Normally this time of year we've got crocuses starting to come up, anemones and snow drops blooming, and more green than not. I'm ready for that to start happening.

The weather is providing inspiration for my next project cane - a trillium flower. Details next.

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Anonymous said...

I second that Sandy, at least you are lucky to have a hubby do the "gros bras" work.
Her I do the shovellinga round the yard, in front and the part the "déneigeur" cannot reach.
My dog cannot understand that now she can go directly to the neighbors' yard without a fence.