Monday, March 17, 2008

A Trio of Trilliums

Hi Everyone,

I followed through on my promise and made 9 Bottles of Hope yesterday. Here are three of them (the other six look the same) nestled in our mountain of snow outside (it seemed fitting). What I didn't take was a photo of the tops of them - they're simply the small trillium from previous posting on top of the lid.

This next photo is the reduced cane. The original started about 2.5 inches tall and I've reduced the smallest one to about a half inch. I got smart this time in reducing and cut the cane in half each time I thought it was a size that I liked. So I've got a few inches of stuff that's just over an inch tall and many more inches of the smaller stuff. Letting it sit overnight made it stick to the reducing glass that I use and I ended up with hardly any waste. I'm thrilled with the cane, though I know that others would probably consider it a bit busy.

The packing of the canes with the smaller snakes gave some interesting effects to the petals - made the petals wobble a bit which adds to the realism. It's something to consider though if I ever want a straight edge - it's probably not the way that I would do it for those situations.

And, of course, with the scrap clay I have to try the tesselation technique from Judy Belcher. Here are the four canes that came out of the round that you see here. They're pretty neat, too. I don't know if you can see the detail, but the bottom right kinda looks like white sunglass frames and the coloured bits inside the sunglass frames really looks like eyes in a couple of them.

The trillium canes do not match my previous project canes (blues and browns) so I've got to figure out some transition canes that will bring the colours together. I think I can do that with a chickadee cane as I continue with the northern theme. Or maybe the mystic bear one that I'm still designing.

And that's the trillium cane.

Next up, I've still got the nightlight to figure out. The woman is going off on mat leave in a couple of weeks so that's probably my highest priority.




Vivi said...

oh, your kaleïdoscope is wonderfull ... spring, really spring, great !!!

Tina Holden said...

Sandy those canes smell of Spring flowers all the way to here! Love the colour combos. Are you in the Flower Swap? (hoping, lol)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
Your bottles are merveilleuses.
I am not a flower person but yours are magnifiques!