Monday, March 17, 2008

The Slovenia Connection

Hi Everyone,

I've consistently had a site visitor from Slovenia. Today I finally got curious and decided to try to find this person. Googled "Slovenia polymer clay" and the very first hit that I got was Roberta M's blog and her beautiful work. I'm not sure if she's my regular visitor but I found it fascinating that it's so easy to link up with other clayers around the world.

Her current entries are about how to make stamps from rubber erasers. This photo is from her website. She's also got some interesting links including one whose title alone made me click on it and then I spent the next few minutes laughing out loud.

So, Roberta, if that's you visiting my site on a regular basis, thanks so much because I never would have found your site without looking for you. I've added you to my links and will become a regular visitor. And even if it's not you, I'm still further ahead for having done the search.



1 comment:

Ursa said...

Hello Sandy,

my name is Ursa, I come from Slovenia and I am regular visitor to your blog, too.
I enjoy reading it every time.....
I do not write a blog, because my english is bad, but you can see my polymer work here:

Regards from Slovenia,