Friday, March 21, 2008

If at first you don't succeed... finally nightlight success!

Hi Everyone,

Today is finish up assorted projects in clay day and I finally decided to tackle the nightlight again. Thank you to Susan Turney who suggested I drape it over a form to bake. Scrounged around and all I could come up with was one of our mismatched drinking glasses.

You can view Susan's work here. She does the most amazing vessels and running through her >300 photos is incredibly inspirational - so many other things that I want to try after seeing her site. I'd love to see some of her vessels in person.

There's one wee little crack under one of the clouds, but it's right at an edge that you won't normally see. Leigh, my pregnant friend, has been laughing at my trials. I told her I had to abandon the project for a week or so just so that while I was working on it I wouldn't accidentally be filling it with curses. I figure the little crack can serve as a metaphor for something or other.

Not a lot of plaquing. I didn't antique the words in the clouds - you can only really see them when the light is turned on.

I'm a little concerned at how fragile it appears to be. I can always do another one but at this rate it would have been quicker to make the afghan.

I want to also give credit for the stained glass pattern. I got it out of the book "Northern Lights" by the Artists of Glassmith Studios, 1988 (wow, it's 20 years old).

And that is that for the nightlight. Nice to have it done.

I've been playing with the hourglass Bottles of Hope that I posted about earlier. I'll have three samples up shortly. They're great fun and take me about an hour to do but I haven't got it down to production line yet.



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Silastones said...

Sandy, what a great idea. I'm sure they are fun to play with and will bring a joy to many who receive them. Keep up the good work. :)