Sunday, February 3, 2008

Paw Prints finalized...

Hello Everyone, Ju-Li from Germany left me a comment about her paw canes. Once I saw her beautiful work, I had to finish mine. I had already picked the colours and had a general idea.

So here are the steps to the finished cane. I've got a lot of the single claw cane and realized that I hadn't made enough brown to finish the cane the way I wanted to so I have enough of the double prints to work with the project (I hope) but not a lot to spare. The scanning removes a lot of the green. The cane is actually more green than white inside the paw prints.

I took a long time deciding what colour background to use. I really liked the Kato metallic gold as a background but couldn't figure out how to make it without metallic in it. I was worried for two parts, the mica shifting and the softness of the metallics.

I tried pale backgrounds but they didn't offer a lot of contrast. Ultimately I took another look at Jon Anderson's work and decided that having some dark colours would work well for the type of project that I'm doing.

I used the remnants of the clay to make some Judy Belcher canes. The canes on the left are the pure canes from her technique. The canes on the right are the canes generated with a scrap clay technique that then takes on Judy's technique. I'll use all the canes in the project, the darker ones on the right will be useful for around the paw prints. These are small canes, less than a half inch in height.

I've figured out my next cane, at least in concept, and I should be able to use the paw prints there. It'll be based on Dagoli clothing, the Mystic Bear pattern. I don't have a decent photo of it and anything I can pull of the web doesn't enlarge well.

That one will be a couple of weeks in the making.

The theme for the project appears to be inspired by the North. Hey, maybe I'll start calling the project Northern Inspirations. How cheesy is that?