Saturday, March 15, 2008

Next project - Trillium cane

Hi Everyone,

I'v spent the last six hours making a trillium cane that I've been designing in my head for a while. I've had several sources of inspiration for this cane. This photo is from one of our Bruce Trail hikes

I also saw an artist on one of the daily blogs who has a unique way of packing canes and I've been wanting to try her technique for a while. Unfortunately I've lost the link and have spent an hour trying to find the site. I thought it came out of polymerclaydaily but I don't see it. If anyone has a link to her site, please let me know since I'd really like to give her credit.

I went looking for stained glass patterns on trilliums and came across this wonderful site which provided me with some nice trillium options. One of the patterns features Delph Glass' streamer glass (see photo on right) and I used that pallette and pattern as well

So, add it all up, and a trillium cane is born. I haven't reduced it yet, I'm actually being good and letting it sit overnight. If you look closely in the cane you'll see a smaller trillium on the upper left.

The cane is about 2.5 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide, and just over 2 inches thick so it's not as big as it apparently looks in the photo.

While I was packing it I got nervous and wasn't sure how it would come out. So I cut some out just of the trilliums. I'm not sure how I'll use those yet - probably decorate some bottles of hope, particularly now that I know that I'm happy with the cane.

I've made the related tessellated canes with the scrap clay and I'll post photos of those later.

For now I'm patting myself on the back. The cane is a nice antidote to the mounds of snow that we've still got hanging around.




Vivi said...

oh, yes, this is great, sandy .. I love it ... clap, clap !!

RadicallyRiley said...

Wow Sandy,

Very nice. It looks huge though. I can't imagine trying to reduce it. It does lift my cold Ontario spirits, seeing that they're calling for more freezing rain again tomorrow!