Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More Ponsawan Bottles of Hope

Hi Everyone,

Just a short post from me today. I did a few more Ponsawan Bottles of Hope on the weekend. Here's a photo. I don't think I'll stop with these, I'll do anything not to have to make lids for Bottles of Hope and these don't require lids.

Ponsawan's daughter is still in the hospital. You can read about her progress and friends here and you can see Ponsawan's artwork here/ though she's obviously focused on getting her daughter better.

I'm getting ready to continue work on my mystic bear cane. I've got the pattern figured out for the most part, now I just have to figure out the colours.


1 comment:

Vivi said...

oh, Sandy, this is a wonderful idee ... your so nice to do those bottles of hope for Ada !!
kisses !