Sunday, May 6, 2012

My annual labour of love...

Hi Everyone,

This year's cake for my husband was a Wonder Woman cake.  Not sure why I decided to go this way - a month or two ago I decided to make him a bikini top cake and then a few days ago I changed it to Wonder Woman.  Maybe it was the Avengers movie coming out.

Anyhow, when I mentioned the design to him he smiled.  Then I started telling men at work about it and they smiled and told me what a good wife I was.  Seems men of a certain age have very fond memories of the TV show, and particularly this portion of the costume.

I googled "Wonder Woman corset cake" to see what was out there and then figured it out.   The cake that I liked best from the images was here.  She used fondant on her cake, which is a no-no in our house so I used crusting buttercream. I didn't have untextured paper towels to smooth it with so I used something similar to parchment paper.  There are several recipes for that on the Internet, and I modified a version from here

Fortunately I was able to buy the cake pans on sale and they will be used for other things.

I had help.  My friends, Janice and Karen, came over to keep me company.  I put them to good use.  Karen mixed the colours once I added the colouring.  Janice helped smooth the cake while I was doing other things.

This is three cake mixes and over 2 kg of icing sugar.  We will freeze much of it.

All told, it's about 10 hours worth of work, including the clean up time.  You only see about half of it in the last picture below.

I don't think this will be showing up on Cake Wrecks any time soon - I'm very happy with it, and so is my husband.  In the end, that's all that really matters.