Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I deleted a comment today...

Hi Everyone,

Just letting you know that I had to delete a comment today. It showed up shortly after I posted my last posting and it said something along the lines of "please go hear". When you click on the "hear" it takes you to what looks like an official Microsoft site and says that you can get a 30 day free trial. Then things start to happen with all sorts of windows popping up that make you think your computer is about to be clobbered. It would be very easy to have this program install on your computer. My father had it happen to him and someone at work has had it happen as well. It's apparently quite nasty and not easy to remove.

My advice is to hold the cursor over any link that you see in anyone's comments. If it doesn't look like it's going to take you where you think it's going to (i.e., someone else's blog, etsy, or flickr site), don't click on the link.

I've now added some safety features to the comments. Not sure how effective they'll be. I hope no one was hurt by the comment showing up on my blog. I think I removed it within an hour of it being loaded.



Rachel said...

Hi Sandy,

That also happened to me a couple hours ago when I finished my blog post at mini makers. There was a comment from someone seem to be a blogger. As usual, I went to the blog, was nothing. Then, I got back and carefully look at the message and saw that it was a hyper link with the word 'here'. I move my mouse over it and saw a strange URL with 'xp...' something. I decided to delete the comment. Lucky that I did not click the link open...

I do wish the safety features work well. Wish you luck,


Iris Mishly said...

Right! you have to be careful when clicking on a URL you don't know or think it from some bank/money issues,
thanks for reminding us.