Sunday, December 6, 2009

This year's ornament for Lauren

Hi Everyone,

Thought I'd post a photo of this year's ornament for my youngest niece. I think I'm going to continue with the gingerbread theme for the next while.

Apron is made out of the snowflake canes that I played with earlier.

On the back you can see that I've imprinted a lot of letters - there's a reason for that. If you look to the left of the word "with", you'll see a sideways "W". I accidentally did that and then tried to figure out how to correct the mistake. The rest of the alphabet seemed to be an easy solution since I didn't want to mush up the figurine and start over.

My niece is too young to appreciate this at the moment, but hopefully in a few years when she understands decorating the tree she'll start liking my annual gifts. My older nieces have now started asking for ornaments so it looks like a tradition I'll have to do for a while with pleasure.



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