Thursday, December 17, 2009

5th Day of Christmas

OK, I've got nothing that relates to five, but here's a photo of an ornament I made for Janice. We had seen a metal one eyed snowman ornament at the One of A Kind Craft Fair and this is my attempt to make something that had the same whimsy.

Two things about this were hard. He is intentionally imperfect and kind of irregular. Turns out that rolling and flattening imperfect balls is a lot harder than mostly perfect balls since now there's so much muscle memory involved in making nice round things. Any flaws are intentional in the clay.

Of course, if I were trying to make something perfect I'd be saying just the opposite.

The other thing was the branches. I tried making clay branches and they didn't work out. So went searching on the Internet to see how others had done branches. Saw some wire ones and I used them for inspiration.

Overall I'm very happy with the ornament. He made me smile as I was making him.

And Janice was happy to receive him, too.



1 comment:

Louise said...

Imperfect is so not reccognized as it's just value.
We are all so perfectly imperfect and we are so great that way.
I love your imperfect perfectly nice ornement