Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, Tiffany!

Merry Christmas, Tiffany!

This entry is my Christmas gift to Tiff, since she'll wake up on Christmas Day by herself and won't have family around until later afternoon after she gets done with her work shift.

Tiffany, not shown above, is my Little Sister and truly one of the greatest joys in my life. I love her more than she can possibly know. We were matched through Big Sisters more than 10 years ago and she's been a beautiful part of my life pretty much ever since. Even now, just typing this entry I've got a grin on my face from ear to ear because it's hard not to think of Tiff without a smile or laugh bubbling to the surface.

Tiff has had some detours along the way, at times her family situation wasn't the greatest. We lost touch for a while when she was in her late teens due to some of these detours and family tensions. She resurfaced about three years ago, a phone call out of the blue where she started chattering to me as if time had never stopped. All the while I'm listening wondering "who is this person talking to me?", because it hardly ever occurs to Tiff that you don't recognize her voice. She actually sounds very much like my friend, Janice, which can make things doubly confusing at times since Janice doesn't always introduce herself either. This is Tiff in a nutshell. We picked up like it had been only yesterday since we had talked.

Tiff waited until she had turned her life around before calling me (not something she needed to do, but I understand the reasoning). She had gone back to high school, had a new and very wonderful boyfriend, and was planning on entering a veterinary technology program. She'll be graduating from that program in May 2010 and she's still with her very wonderful boyfriend (I really do like him). We've kept in touch through Facebook, phone calls, e-mails and visits. I'm so proud of her my heart feels like it's going to burst at times and we'll be cheering her on at her graduation.

As Big and Little Sisters we did many things together. Some of my favourite memories are getting dressed up for Halloween, she as a mummy and me as a witch, taking her to Glamour Shots and getting her all done up for a celebration of a milestone, movies, Canada's Wonderland and the video of her lip synching to Brittany Spears, and a whole host of other treats.

The photo above is of her dog who recently certified to become one of the types of dogs that goes into nursing homes to bring joy. Tiff brought this dog from a cringing unpredictable quivering lump to a disciplined, happy, and terrific pet. In her other spare time she volunteers with Girl Guides, tutors others at school, and works with laboratory monkeys. Listening to her sometimes makes me tired, but mostly proud.

Tiff, I wish I could be with you on Chrismas Day as Christmas is about family and you are definitely part of my family. Instead, I publicly proclaim that you are the greatest Little Sister ever. Joe agrees as well and you know that that's not easily earned.

Merry Christmas, Tiff. I love you!


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tiffany said...

I love you and thank-you for what you have written. It brings tears to my eyes to know how much I am loved by you and Joe. It feels good to be included in your family. You should know that you are greatly responsible for who I am becoming, I've looked up to you for a very long time and really liked what I saw in you. You can't pick what family your born into, but you can pick who you chose to be part of your family. I most definitly pick you! Lots of love, wish I had more time to write more. Thank-you for all that you have done! Merry Christmas!