Tuesday, December 22, 2009

10th Day of Christmas

10 ornaments from the Clayamies 2009 ornament swap.

Hi Everyone,

These are the ornaments that I received in this year's ornament swap. They'll on my small tree with all my other Clayamies ornaments from previous years. They've done a stint at my office already where they decorated my cubicle. Many came by and oohed and aaahed. What's so great about claying is that everyone would have a favourite and then on their second trip by it might become another ornament because there's something to notice each time.

It's always a treat to get ornaments in the mail and Georgia is a saint for her organizational skills. She's been coordinating the swap for the last several years and does a wonderful job.

Two more days of Christmas to go. Not sure what 11th day is going to be but 12th was easy.



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