Wednesday, December 23, 2009

11th Day of Christmas

11 pieces of clay make a penguin.

OK, so that one was a bit of a reach.

My friend Barb loves penguins. I was going to make her a penguin cane but simply ran out of time. However, as I was conditioning scrap blue clay, I noticed after one of the passes that the colours were beautiful and that there was a hint of an iceberg in one section which you can see in the upper left of the ornament. For once I stopped where I should have and at that point I decided that it would be possible to do a penguin ornament.

Barb appeared to be quite happy with him.

I probably should stop with the googly eyes, I used a lot of them this year.

Maybe for next year I'll get on the ball sooner to do a penguin cane for her.



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Your Daily Muse News said...

penguins are my fav ! He is so cute !