Thursday, August 27, 2009

Monster Madness Part 1...

Hi Everyone,

Last night I had the privilege of teaching eight wonderful women at work how to make Monsters. Some of them were interested because they're the crafty type and all were interested because they like the concept of Bottles of Hope, and particularly donating to Toronto Sick Kids.

I started the class with an overview of clay and the supplies that I had brought. I showed them all the embellishments that were available and told them that there were no rules and that all of the Monsters would be loved.

When polled, typically most of the women liked the simple Monster that I had done here. Since all he involved was some twisting of clay, I thought I would start with him. He's pictured in the back row in the middle. Our wonderful interpretations are surrounding him.

Most of the women hadn't touched clay since they were wee ones so this was a new adventure. There was a lot of concentrating and smiling going on as people shaped their clay and added embellishments. Some were happy with their efforts and others less so. But all smiled once they saw their creations out of the oven and with the googly eyes applied, because that's when the personalities of the monsters really start to come out.

Many used Bev's stamps for the words, which you can buy at Shades of Clay (exclusive retailer!)

I'm very impressed with their first efforts and was equally very happy with their second efforts, which will be the subject of tomorrow's post.

One of the women is a card maker and this morning a beautiful handmade card was given to me signed by all the women who participated last night. I'm truly touched. I had a wonderful time and feel lucky to be in a work environment where I get to deal with amazing people on a daily basis. There will be 20 very happy children because of the efforts and generosity of these very special ladies.



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Lea White said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. It is great to make contact with our readers out there. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

I love the work you do and am actually going to attempt making some polymer beads which I know Bianca will love giving me a hand with.

What you do is so incredibly special. And I bet it really brightens the day of the kids you give these to.

Bianca says the monster she likes the most that you can make for Torronto Sick Kids is the one that you have in your part 1 photo, the one sitting in the bottom right hand corner, the one with all the circles. She says it has to have shades of pink and purple and a silly face. And she also loved the Smile monster, but said that she want it to be all pink. And if possible a silly face.

Keep making the work you do. Before finding your site polymer clay was very much an unknown concept to us and your work is making me want to give it a go too!

Lea White