Friday, August 21, 2009

A Mishmash of Monsters

Hi Everyone,

Several wonderful women at work will be joining me this coming week to make Bottles of Hope for Toronto Sick Kids. None of them have clayed before so I wanted a project that was easy and had no right or wrong. Here are some monsters that I'll use as a demo for class. Googly eyes are great.

It's amazing how scrap clay can be transformed using some Pearlex.

I'll post photos at the end of the week once we're done making the Monsters.

Who knows, maybe there will be more clayers in the world after this class. And if not, then there certainly will be more Bottles of Hope.




Moushka said...

What a great project! I assume monsters are the critter of choice for these BOHs. What do you make for the girly-girls? Do they like monsters, too? Wish I could join you, what a worthwhile cause!

Louise said...

I just love monsters. They don't have a gender .They just are what people are afraid of and I think it's a great way to picture the sickness inside whoever chooses one they like.

Sandy said...

Hi Moushka,

Thanks for visiting the blog. Monsters aren't necessarily critters of choice, they just happen to be what I'm making right now for bottles.

Other clayers make girly things (see our guild entry for this month), I'm just not that girly and we tend to ignore the menfolk when we do our grown up bottles.