Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Hug for Janice...

Hi Everyone,

Janice fell in love with one of my Monsters - she thought he looked sort of like an abominable snow man. She asked me to make her one, but to make it in white.

Janice is an incredibly generous woman, and freely gives of her friendship, craft supplies, and time. She has been one of my strongest support beams whenever I needed it and ALWAYS took my side, regardless of how ridiculous I'd get. I consider myself proud to have her as a friend.

Unfortunately Janice has been going through a bit of a rough time at the moment.

So when she asked me to make her a Monster I decided to get creative. Back in April, on our way to Morrisburg we stopped at a Dollar Store. They had these cheesy plastic rings that lit up with LED lights. I liked how compact they were and thought I should be able do do something in clay with them. I've wanted to make Janice something special with the lights for months but haven't come up with an idea that I liked.

Then Janice asked for the Monster. I didn't think it was appropriate to give her a Bottle of Hope since they're specific in my mind for cancer patients and Janice doesn't have cancer. And I wanted to incorporate the light.

I punctured a hole in the monster and then covered the front of the hole with a clear glass slide that I added translucent clay and flakes (another use for tinted flakes!). I put the lights in the back through the hole. I left the hole open in the back so that the lights with the batteries can be removed, but camouflaged the hole with some feather boa stuff.

When you push the button on the back the belly now lights up.

So here's a hug for Janice so that all she has to do is press a button and a smile will come to her face. It's just a small payment for all that she's done for me.




Lea White said...

This is just so cute!!!

Gail said...

I saw this little beastie in person today. Such a cutie!

Also saw the tons of Bottles of Hope produced as a result of Sandy's tutouring.. Great job to all who participated.

Hugs to Janice.. and thanks to Sandy for once again sharing her ideas.

Janice said...

AND it doesn't just light up - it turns different colours and flashes!!! I love him.
Thanks Sandy

Louise said...

Well you did it again sandy!

I just love that little Monstre des neiges...