Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lumiere Lids...

Hi All,

It's no secret that one thing that prevents me from making lots and lots of Bottles of Hope is having to do lids. They're not fun. One of the neat things about the Monster series is that the lids don't need to be fancy.

For years I've had some Lumiere Paints that I didn't know how to use very well. I've tried them on a few things but was never really happy with them. The other day I decided that some of the lids for the Monsters could be decorated simply with colour. So I made a few by simply dipping the lids into alcohol inks or colouring with pens. I wasn't very happy with that so I decided to try Lumiere Paints for the lids today. I simply pour a puddle of paint, dip the lid and let dry. It works easier if I hold the lid by the part that goes in the bottle with a pair of scissors. Then I can place it on the counter without too much fuss.

It works great! And now my Monsters have colour coordinated lids. I also have a few other bottles that I can use these on.


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