Tuesday, August 4, 2009

22 years ago today...

I met my husband.

We were living in Ottawa and had both been members of the Ottawa Hostelling Association which is a group that does outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and canoeing. We had never been on the same trips together though and didn't know each other.

On a Tuesday, 22 years ago we particpated in a planning meeting for the upcoming trip to Lac Vert in Quebec.

Joe and another guy decided to canoe to the trip destination on a Saturday and my father, who had been visiting, and I also went on the Saturday. The rest of the group canoed in on Friday night.

When we got to the site where everyone was, there wasn't enough room for the four of us. So the four of us camped below the cliffs on a small spit of sand.

My husband-to-be and I spent most of the night talking in front of our campfire, watching the full moon, and listening to the loons calling. Magic.

I went home after that weekend and wrote in my journal about how I had met someone special. I didn't realize that he was so special that he was to become my husband almost seven years later.

We're still canoeing and we're still together. I am very fortunate.

These photos are from some of our assorted canoe trips. The one with the people in it is a later trip done with the Ottawa Hostel.



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DyLinn said...

Wonderful story. Congratulations!