Monday, May 11, 2009

My first attempt at diagonal skinner blend cane...

Hi Everyone,

Polymer Cafe had instructions on how to create a diagonal skinner blend flower cane. I loved the idea and thought I would try to make one. Once I understood the instructions it went OK and I think there's great potential in it.

For those that are unfamiliar with the diagonal skinner, it seems to be a relatively new technique. What it does is create a cane that gradually changes colour as you slice into it. You can see a bit of that in my canes in the first photo. There are some with three teal petals and two pink petals and then some with three pink petals and then two teal petals. That's all the same cane, just different sections of it.

Some of the things I would do different:
1. I would simplify my skinner blend and not use as many colours.
2. I tried narrowing the skinner blend by reducing it in the pasta machine. Next time I would simply turn it into a plug and narrow it that way.
3. I added pearl to my colours and it really seemed to wash them out so my colour changes weren't as extreme as I would have liked.
4. I would not follow the instructions that say to narrow the darker edges of colour since they get lost somehow during the reduction process.

Since there wasn't enough colour change in the canes I decided not to follow the instructions completely for the covered tin and turned the individual flower canes into one larger cane with lots of translucent spacing. This next photo is thin slices of canes put on different colours of clay. I'll cover Bottles of Hope with the canes - seems like a cheery thing to do.

My next attempt is going to be to make butterflies with the technique since I think that could be very nice. I do think it's something I'm going to experiment with for a bit.



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