Monday, May 11, 2009

My annual labour of love...

Hi All,

I took the day off work to decorate a cake for my husband. It's my annual labour of love for him. I'm not particularly good at it and it takes me hours. By the end of the day I can be on the cranky side and my hands are very sore. The kitchen is usually a disaster.

But I'm typically happy with my results and it's really the only thing my husband wants for his birthday so I try not to complain too much. Every year I buy the Wilton's Cake Decorating issue and try to use it for inspiration. I had flipped to the Wall-E cake, husband saw it and said "I want that". It's not often he gives me guidance on what he actually wants so that was an easy choice (and, of course, he got the movie for his birthday).

So here's my cake for my husband, my love, my soul-mate, my brightness in life.

His birthday was actually last week but since I had a cold he didn't want me anywhere near cake making so it's a few days late. Husband is looking forward to having it after dinner.

And if you want to spend some time with a smile on your face, go over to and spend some time perusing their site. I hope my cakes never make it to their blog.




Violette Laporte said...

Oh and I made a pistachio cake for my DH yesterday and it took me the better part of the day. No decorations though! he he

Violette Laporte said...

I forgot to tell you I am impressed with your cake. Well done!

maura said...

It's a great cake! And I just adore Wall-E :)

Renee said...

Sandy I love the cake, you did a fantastic job.

Did you see the movie. I did and I loved it.

You are a dear friend and I was just telling a lady named Marie about your site because she works in clay too.

I kept saying I would bring over the site and forgot so I am going to do that now.

Love to you and tell hubby Happy Birthday.

We had a nice night that night didn't we?

Love Renee xoxoxo

Moushka said...

What a great cake and such a sweet thing to do! For my DH, it's Irish soda bread and apple pies. I guess because I do them so rarely (I hate baking!) he really appreciates them. He does so much for me, though, it's the least I can do.