Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Mom...

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

As many of you know, my mother came to Morrisburg with me. Wendy taught a very fun class on steam punk and here is my take on it (which doesn't really follow steam punk). The inspiration for the tin is the centre piece on the lid which is a clear green plastic earring that someone must have actually bought and worn at some point but that had made its way to the Junk Table at Morrisburg. We were joking around with it and Mom piped up that she liked it. So it became the focal piece. Most of the other add-ons were scavenged from the Junk Table as well and nothing was actually purchased for the project that Wendy taught.

Mom saw the tin during its creation but I wasn't able to give it to her because I had to make sure the bits and pieces stuck. I had to use a crazy type glue to do that but it seems to be fairly sturdy.

I purposely didn't finish the seams and made things a bit more raggedy looking than I normally like.

What Mom doesn't know is that inside I've put some teeny weeny shells that I picked up at our last trip to Hawksbill Beach Resort in Antigua. Mom had come with us the year previous and spent her days shelling. She didn't come with us this year so I picked up some tiny ones for her. Oh, and that bit of a watch that I picked up in Hawksbill unfortunately turned out to be electronic on the insides. But I did scavenge a small piece and included it on the lid. It's the copper winding that's attached to the green stone that then attaches to the diamond thingy on the lid.

There are some new textures on the tin for me. Shades of Clay has just recently added a Makins texture set that includes Curly Fur, Sweater, Diamond, Curly Beard. The Curly Fur is used on the top, Sweater is on the top edge, and the Diamond is used on the sides. In addition, there were some texture sheets provided by Bev that were new that made the trim around the green gem and the upper trim for the lid.

I'm happy with the tin and Mom appears to be though I hope it's not one of the "I'm so proud she made it and gave it to me only because she's my daughter".

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you so very much and I couldn't have picked a better mother even if I wanted to. You have been so wonderful for me, particularly this last year as I went through the trying times that I did. I am blessed and thankful that you are in my life.


Sandra (family calls me Sandra, to everone else I'm Sandy).

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