Thursday, May 7, 2009

A blog I keep meaning to post...

Hi Everyone,

I've been meaning to add Vio's blog as a link for quite a while and when I think of it I'm not at my computer. So now I'm adding her blog and announcing it here.

You can see her blog at She often writes bilingually in French and English.

Vio is one of the organizers of our annual Morrisburg clay event and is a beautiful, talented, funny, and warm presence at both the event and throughout the year through the clayamies. We have a couple of things in common - we're both geocachers and it turns out our husbands share the same birthday. She lives in Northern Quebec and my mother is from an area much further north in Quebec.

The photo is from one of my favourite pieces in her repertoire and I've stolen it from her blog.

On another note, after almost a year of hiatus, Cynthia Blanton has started to post on her blog again. If you click now on the link you'll actually see a photo of Vio first up.

And that's today's entry.



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