Saturday, March 28, 2009

My newest dollar store favourites...

Hello Everyone,

I thought I'd take a couple of minutes to post about my latest dollar store finds. These are at the local Dollarama and are a dollar each. Dimensions are about 2 inches on each side and the plastic bit is probably 3/4 inch thick. I peeled off one of the stamps to be able to run it through the pasta machine. It turns out that I love the plastic piece for burnishing and flattening. It may even replace my acrylic roller as one of my favourite tools. I do use a piece of patty paper between it and the clay. It just feels ergonomically nice in the hand as I'm burnishing whatever I want to burnish and I like the solidity (I don't think that's a word) of the block in my hand.

I've only seen them at the Dollarama just up the street. Haven't seen them in other stores though I'll keep looking. I think there are about four or five different stamps.

I'm likely not going to show too much of my clay stuff in the next while though I have been claying. I've been trying to get ready for my class at Morrisburg and it's called "Fun with Flakes". So I've been experimenting and playing, sometimes more successfully than others. But Morrisburg women get first dibs on seeing what I've been playing with.

Tomorrow we've got a Guild meeting. Janice is teaching different mokume gane techniques and that will be fun. She's a great teacher and I always love seeing how we all interpret things differently.




planetjune said...

Wow - great find! I'll definitely look out for those - thanks!

2 Good Claymates - Dave and Carolyn Good said...

Hi Sandy, I came across those myself and I love the designs! Another thing I discovered is the packages of parchment paper they sell -- I am going to blog about this soon and show what I do with it.
Have fun in Morrisburg.

Louise said...

You are so lucky we don't have those yet.
Do you have the pocket mirrors?

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Oooo I love Dollarama! I'll look for those stamps. I just picked up four alphabet stamp sets there. They are tiny little rubber stamps in sets of 36 for a buck! They are about the size of those metal alpha stamps you use to stamp into metal sheeting. I think they would work great in some faux metal stamping projects.

Love your idea for taking apart your stamp and using it like you did. Very cool!