Thursday, April 2, 2009

BOH inspired by Renee

Hi All,

A while back I posted that I was giving a Bottle of Hope (BOH) to Renee who had entered my One World One Heart giveaway. Renee is dying of inflammatory breast cancer. It will vanquish her at some point, we know not when.

After I sent Renee the BOH, she sent me the Sara McLachlan "Closer to You" CD as a thank you. That was completely unnecessary, but welcome at the same time. I resolved to listen to it whenever I was making Bottles of Hope so that a little bit of Renee will live on.

Here are the first Bottles that I've made listening to the CD. They're made using Bev's stamps (who I'm sorry to say is now only offering her stamps locally for the time being due to too many things going on in her life), scrap clay, a bit of red clay to cover the scrap clay, and the Daniel Smith metallic powders I'm so fond of.

Last week I had a business trip to Winnipeg and I got to meet Renee in person. She's a bubbly, petite, voluptuously curvaceous woman with a beautiful smile and a voice and mannerisms that are just perfect for telling bed-time stories. To look at her you'd never know that she's spent the last several years undergoing cancer treatments. We spent a very pleasant couple of hours talking about all sorts of things and had a wonderful time. I'm under strict instructions that if I'm ever out in Winnipeg again to look her up. We are now new real (rather than virtual) friends courtesy of this wonder called blogging.

She was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer just before all the videos and e-mails started coming out about what a strange and insidious disease it is. It took her doctors a year to make the diagnosis. If you've got any kind of breast irregularities at all, particularly those that start up suddenly and without explanation, please do read about this disease. YouTube also posts several videos which you can find with a google search.

If you'd like to know a bit more about Renee, feel free to visit her blog at

I think I'm slow on BOHs, these took me probably two hours to make 8 of them so it was two rounds of the CD. I automatically start humming "I Will Remember You" when I look at the Bottles or the photo of the Bottles.

Seems appropriate.



Renee said...

Sandy you doll. These bottles of hope are wonderful. I totally ove how they look, great job.

You are my true and forever friend now. I loved getting to meet you and I have talked about it to all my family since.

I am so glad we got together. You are a beautiful person and it was a true pleasure to meet you. I of couse knew that I would already love you or I would not have agreed to meet.

Thank you for this post and especially thank you again for talking about IBC.

Love this post Sandy, but I especially loved getting to meet you.

Love Renee xoxo

Lea White said...

What a very cool idea!!!!

I found your site through Sharon's site and am so glad I did!

Lea White

Pat Sernyk said...

Hey Sandy,
I am so sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you while you were here. It sounds like you had a good visit; meeting Renee must have been an experience that will stay with you forever. Thanks for the information on IBC. Your Bottles of Hope are wonderful, as is your touching resolve. I know that music can always bring out s special memory and think it's an inspiration to clay by.
I haven't a source for the bottles here, and haven't made many lately. I hope to be able to find a source locally, as I would like to make some for a couple of friends who are going through personal ordeals right now. And when I make more, I will visit a ward and present them to others.
There's an inspiration you've instilled already.
I also hope to post on my blog again's been a while!
Thanks for your inspiration!