Saturday, March 28, 2009

Science Experiment Week 2

Hi All,

I've been away the last week on a business trip to Winnipeg and got home today. Thought I'd take a look at my science experiment which I posted about below in the previous entry. Here's the latest photo. The Fimo Soft has migrated another inch or so down the bottle. The other two have remained in place and don't seem to be degrading the plastic any more.

I'm impressed with how it has moved and how liquid the plastic looks that's left behind. Reminds me of how DEET bug repellant melts plastic and how we have to be careful when we're camping to not touch too much plastic things. I've had pens stick to my fingers if I'm not careful when I've got too much bug spray on.

Anyhow, I'm predicting that within a couple of weeks the Fimo will be at the bottom of the container. It's getting a bit chalky now so something is leaching out.



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