Friday, January 9, 2009

Mom's Bottles of Hope

Hi Everyone,

My mother was visiting last week for several days and I took her to Janice's with me for a clay day where we played with mokume gane. That night she dreamt about children with cancer and dreamt of bottles that she wanted to make for them. These bottles are her attempts to replicate the bottles that she made for them in her dreams. The man with a tie bottle is very close to what she wanted to do and the green dress bottle is the wrong colour but more what she wanted to do than the others, though the others are also cute. Not bad for a woman's second or third time in playing with clay, eh?

Mom has always been a creative person and does wedding cakes for fun. For those that are new to my blog, she did the wedding cake pictured here. She made a lot of our clothes when we were kids. I'm fortunate to have inherited her love of crafts (and I hope a bit of her talent). Here are some other beautiful bottles that she created while she was here.

Our goal for our Guild is to contribute a Bottle of Hope a day for a total of 365 bottles in 2009. Mom has got us started with more than a week's worth. Thanks Mom! Love you so very much.


Louise said...

Hi Sandy,
tell you mom I really like her little characters bottles.
They are very inspiring. I was in a slump and this will put me back on track

Cheryl said...

Love these little character bottles. So very colorful

Renee said...

Sandy I could not believe your Mom's cakes. That is totally professional.

You are sweet and generous. Thank you for your comments. xoxo