Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Brooch for my Grandmother

Hi Everyone,

I spent a pleasant day at Janice's yesterday along with Karen and my Mother who is visiting for a few days. Janice will be teaching Mokume Gane in February at Guild. One of the versions that she wants to teach is the simple layering and stamping. We played with various colour schemes and other things.

Karen has been big into cleaning out her hobby room and has been donating things right left and centre. One of the items that she had up for grabs were some nice findings and brooch backs.

Unfortunately my grandmother hasn't started the new year well with her sister dying just a couple of days ago. One of the things that she'll be doing is wearing black for the full year. I wanted to give her something that would let her know that she was thought of and yet be suitable for the colour scheme.

Inspiration from Janice, finding from Karen, layer of black, silver, and white clay together, stamped with one of my favourite stamps, and voila! A brooch for my grandmother. This one went together surprisingly easily. I was going to take the time to sand it perfectly but I didn't want to lose the colouring that I had (which was happening while I was sanding) so I'm coating it with Future. I'm happy with it. My mother is impressed, and I'm sure my grandmother will be pleased as well.



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