Monday, January 3, 2011

Personal New Year's Resolutions

Hi All,

In my last post I mentioned that I would post my personal New Year's resolutions. Right now I have three that I'm willing to share.

1. I want to do the splits. This one may take me all year and I have no idea whether it's possible or not. I'm one of the least limber people that I know and right now I'm not even sure whether I can spread to a 90 degree angle let alone 180. There's no particular reason for this goal, it's just something I've always envied of other people.

I've been looking up a number of websites on how to do the splits. Many of them are intimidating with pictures of young girls that are already flexible. I think I've found the website that I might be using - it's from Run The Planet and is here.

2. To complete a 9 day cleanse from Isagenix. A good friend of mine, Patti, needed a few more people to sign up as part of her Isagenix team and offered the cleanse at a ridiculously marked down price. I bought the system and since at some point this winter we'll be off to the Caribbean for a week I thought it would be good to try this in the New Year.

I'm not normally an herbal supplement, detoxify, etc, etc, person, but I figure I can do just about anything for 9 days straight. Christmas parties and feasting are over and I don't have a lot of work scheduling that will make this difficult so I think I'm good for the next couple of weeks.

Supposedly this will give me more energy, reduce cravings, make me feel good, and of course, the kick start to weight loss. I've decided to log my day-by-day progress. I confess to being a bit of a cynic to the other benefits so it'll be interesting to see whether I notice them or not.

3. Lose between 10-15 pounds. A few years ago before the miscarriage I had lost 20 lbs and maintained that loss for more than two years. Over the last three years 10-15 of that has crept back on. I like how I look 10 lbs lighter and in general I feel better when I'm there. When I turned 45 I picked up five pounds almost overnight and they're not easily budging. I've been reading about perimenopause a lot lately and it seems that I should fight now rather than later.

I've decided to create a new blog for the tracking of these goals and other things. You'll be able to find it at Sandy's This and That, at least for now (though as I write this there are no entries). I have mixed emotions on creating a separate blog. Many of the blogs that I read combine their clay with their personal thoughts and that's a great way to get to know the people. I consider some of these bloggers my friends and am always open to meeting others. There are times, however, when it's simply nice to look at clay things and some of the blogs that I haunt are also along those lines.

I suspect in my case that it might be too easy to turn this particular blog into a "Sandy's life with a bit of clay thrown in" so I'll do the separate blog for that personal stuff and see how it goes.

Anyhow, wish me luck on my goals. I'll let you know how it's going now and then here.



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surfingcat said...

Happy New Year to you! Good luck with your resolutions! I look forward to seeing a picture of you doing the splits later in the year.