Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hi Everyone,

I seem to have already broken my promise to be better at blogging about clay. My excuses are that I've been busy and my hobby room is an absolute disaster.

I'm trying to do a number of things in clay. I owe Fiona a pair of earrings since the ones she made me are quite fun and I've been enjoying them. I want to give away something clay like at our guild's New Year's party this weekend, and I want to create some things for the One World One Heart giveaway.

Nothing is cooperating. Lately my "gee, it's almost perfect, I just want to add ONE more thing", has turned into "drat, well that didn't work out at all". Some examples:

I've made a pair of earrings that I would be quite happy to own but I decided that they needed one more thin layer of liquid clay on them. That liquid clay hid a couple of specks of gold coloured dust that are quite noticeable against the beautiful sapphire blue background. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that. I might see about some embellishments, but they really are beautiful just the way they are. I may end up keeping them.

I had another pair of earrings made, again that I would have been quite happy to own, and I had been patting myself on the back for finally doing an antiquing job that I liked on them. But I decided that the backs of the earrings weren't pretty enough so I dabbed some ink on them. The ink spilled over to the front and messed up my beautiful antiquing job. So I had to improvise. I think it ended up OK and these will likely go to Fiona, if she wants them.

Since my hobby room is such a disaster I'm down to about a six inch work space. That is definitely not helping.

Here's a photo of tonight's disaster. Normally I'm very good about capping my pearlex as soon as I'm done with it. But tonight I'm wearing a big floppy shirt to keep out the chill and as I turned around to look at something else I knocked my container over and onto the waiting open box of cookie cutters that I use. This is going to be a pain to clean up. The powder is also on the floor, on my pants, on the counter, and down the cupboard.


Oh well.


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Fiona said...

Go on send them. I'm sure they are lovely.