Sunday, July 18, 2010

Skirt Cane - week 27 of canes

Hi Everyone,

I posted a couple of weeks ago about a skirt that I loved and wanted to try to recreate in cane. You can see the original image here. Last weekend I finally decided to try it. The colour choices were fairly easy and went together pretty well. But, as I was trying to decide on the cane pattern, a little voice inside my head said "you should go check the picture". I ignored that voice which means that I feel pretty good about the final product, but not perfect.

I didn't sketch out the pattern or anything. Started with a couple of skinner blends and then shaping them into a paisleyish shape. Reduced it so that I had three of them. From that point on it was just a matter of playing with the bits that I had until I had a squarish shape.

I did some extruder spirals which I will write about in my next posting. And I took some inspiration from Cynthia Tinapple's Polymer Clay Daily entry here.

Overall it makes an interesting veneer and it'll be great for other projects. I think I want to try the clay zentangles fro Dora's Explorations and this will be great for that.

The level of detail is too fine for the paper clip bracelets, so my friend at work isn't getting one of these.

If I had looked at the picture I would have made it more dark blue than white. I probably would have added some simple jelly roll canes in there near the paisley to give it more detail.

But, if I take away the skirt and just look at the cane as is, it perfectly fine and I'll be happy to use it in different projects. I ended up making three sizes of the canes and when they're combined they work well together.

I did have a fair bit of the pure colours left over so I combined them into other canes which are the topics of my next two entries.



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surfingcat said...

Neat cane. Love all those shades of blues together. I think it worked well doing it from your memory of the skirt cause it has has the feeling of the skirt.