Wednesday, July 28, 2010

47 Bottles of Hope Today

Hello Everyone,

I spent a perfect day surrounded by my claying friends Barb, Barbara, and Janice. We focused on Bottles of Hope and while there was some laughter and talking, there were also moments of perfect quietness with each of us lost in our thoughts.

We were very productive over the course of the 5 hours that we spent together and we made almost 50 Bottles (Janice is making three more so that we can call it an even 50).

Here are photos of the results. I ended up only making one monster and for most of the time I played with greens. The bottles that I made start with the pink monster and continue to the end. I will be re-posting those photos later as I promised that I would name them on behalf of entrants to the OWOH giveaway.

I'm pleased that the day was spent making small tokens that will offer a smile to those that are going through the difficulties of cancer.


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