Monday, July 19, 2010

Dora's anemone cane - week 28 of canes

Hi Everyone,

I love reading Cara's Surfingcat clay blog and I've mentioned her work before. She's a woman after my own heart with her use of Kato clay and experimenting with canes. The other day she posted about Dora's anemone canes and I knew I had to try them. I still had some leftover clay from the skirt cane that I made so the bonus was that I didn't have to try to figure out colours or even condition clay.

Dora gives excellent instructions and I really was only limited by how lazy I was going to be in reducing a triangular shape. I didn't end up with as many reductions as she did but when I reduce this to as small as I wanted it worked out perfectly.

I'm very happy with this cane and it made a much better bracelet for my friend with the skirt. The tutorial is well done and is definitely worth a look. If you're at all a caner, Dora did several months where she tried to do a cane a week and gives instructions for a lot of them. I agree with her completely, it's not so much the making of the canes that is difficult, it's taking the discipline and focus on turning them into a blog entry that becomes a bit more of a challenge. I actually made this last week but didn't seem to have the oomph required to touch up the photos and put words around it.

I will certainly do this type of cane again.

I'm almost caught up with my weekly cane entries. One more to go before I'm fully caught up, so this week you're getting three cane entries. All variations on the theme.




surfingcat said...

It is a neat little cane and I love how it worked out with those skirt blues.
looking forward to your next post
thanks for the mention!

Clay Nugent (earring making stylist) said...

Dora's anemone cane is very wonderful. Sandy, I'm really grateful that you have posted this. It's very nice and cute.