Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pretty pink presents for Patti

Hi Everyone,

Another good Morrisburg friend of mine, Gaby, did a wonderful class on surface techniques at Morrisburg this year.  While I had packed everything other than the kitchen sink I was woefully unprepared for Gaby's class, particularly since I had a pre-set goal in mind.  It seemed like for most of the techniques I didn't have some of the tools, particularly the acrylic paints.  However, I fell in love with using Future and Pearlex and the crackle effect.  My goal was to use Gaby's class to make some earrings.

My friend, Talar, had tasked me with making her a pair of pretty pink earrings.  I came up with these and then started to wonder if they were too bright.  I called Talar, and sure enough, she wanted something more pastel.  Oops!

My wonderful Morrisburg roommate, Patti, is in love with pink, so much so that her home was featured in Colin and Justin's Home Heist show on HGTV with the title "Not So Pretty in Pink" which you can see here.  While her home may no longer be overly pink, she still is infatuated with pink and gladly wears anything in that colour.  She was sitting across from me and when I asked her if she would like them she immediately said "yes!"  She wasn't in the least offended that they weren't originally made for her and when I had been calling Talar had been secretly hoping that Talar wouldn't like them.

I was happy to give them to Patti.  They're very much outside of my usual colour scheme.  They're certainly not perfect - if you look closely you can see that the centre spiral pattern goes up in one earring and down in another, but they would actually be something that I would wear. 

I'm glad that Patti likes them.



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quiltmom said...

I think the earrings are gorgeous and I would wear them too- I love Pink and have a pink living room ( the walls that is). They need to be repainted but I am not sure what color to make them next... Your friend Patti is a lucky lady. I am sure she is going to enjoy wearing them.