Sunday, May 9, 2010

A new texture from Bev!

Hi Everyone,

I'm happy to announce that Bev is still creating texture sheets which you can purchase through Shades of Clay (my favourite clay store). 

She gave me her latest one, Bay Leaf, to play with and I used it at Morrisburg to create an earring holder which was willingly snapped up by one of the Morrisburg ladies.  I'm a sucker for leaf patterns and I'm thrilled with this one.  Most leaf patterns are innies, where the leaf portion is embossed into the clay.  Bev's pattern is an outtie which means that the leaves are raised and are out of the clay.  This makes it great for mica shifting which you can see at Shades of Clay here.  You can see the detail of the raised pattern here and if you look closely you can see that I used it in my Bottles of Hope here

I think this will quickly become one of my favourite texture sheets, right up there with feather boa, and, of course, x-mas text, which was one that I designed and still pat myself on the back for.

Bev's texture sheets easily go through the thickest setting on my pasta machine.  With Kato clay I hardly ever use a release though with the softer clays it's a good idea, particularly with some of the finer patterns such as crochet lace.  I hope she continues to come up with more patterns, but in the mean time, I'm very happy with my new pattern and look forward to using it as much as I can.



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2 Good Claymates said...

Oh I like the leaf one! Your earring holder is lovely! I just placed an order from Shades of Clay and ordered the Feather Boa texture sheet -- I love the design on that one but now I wish I ordered more! Will have to wait for next time I guess.