Saturday, May 1, 2010

Morrisburg Face Canes - week 17 of canes

Hi Everyone,

My good friend, Louise, taught face canes this year at Morrisburg and did a terrific job. She started off with the eyes and several possible variations, let us play, then moved to the nose and cheeks, let us play, then to the mouth, let us play, and then showed us how to pack. The format was perfect and as part of the lesson she asked that we do a face cane swap. More than half the class participated, which is unheard of for canes at Morrisburg. A lot of that was due to Louise's excellent teaching style. She ran out of time to show hair which is why there are several bald faces in the group, but one of the great things about not having hair on the canes is that you can customize the canes more that way.

Louise encouraged us to experiment and you can see that the experimentation was rampant with everyone's cane full of character and charm.

My cane is the second from the left on the bottom row. I did put hair on my cane simply because I had one of the simpler canes in the mix.

Kudos to Louise! It was her first time teaching and we sincerely hope not her last.

If you're interested in other face cane information, Louise put together an incredibly thorough listing of all things face canes with what looks like about 100 links here.

I will write more about Morrisburg in the next few entries. Happy exhaustion and warm friendship is the best way to describe the experience.



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Fiona said...

What a riot of canes and shows so many different personalities. Sounds like you had fun.