Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eye Canes - week 21 of canes and Bottles 42-45

Hi Everyone,

A while back I posted some photos of some eye canes in the making by Sue C of Chasing Rainbows, Too.  Some people left me feedback on the posts, including a link to Keru's website that apparently had a tutorial.  I looked, but wasn't able to find it.  Eye canes went on the back burner.

But last week Kerstin, of Keru added a comment on the blog post with the exact location of the tutorial.  I don't know why I couldn't find it before.  When I went looking the second time it was right there in front of my face.  I'm going to attribute it to the invisibility spell that overcomes items on my work surface.  Who really knows.

Anyhow, Kerstin's tutorial is fantastic!  She does a great job in explaining how to make the cane.  Normally I don't follow tutorials exactly with colour choices but I had in mind that green would be a good monster colour set of eyes.  Eye canes are easy, particularly with Kerstin's excellent description.  Use the extruder for your square canes and you'll be fine.  I spent more time choosing the colours and extruding than the rest of the cane work.

While you're on her site, if you've never seen how to cut thin slices of canes, take a look at Kerstin's tutorial on how to do it here.  I'd never tried her method until today and I like it much better than some of the other methods that I've tried.

One of the great things about trying out canes is that they're almost always suitable for Bottles of Hope.  As promised during the One World One Heart event, I've committed to making 100 Bottles of Hope.  These were fun to make and are Bottles 42-45.  At this rate I appear to be on the way to meeting my goal.

As usual these were made while listening to the CD that Renee gave me.  And, as promised, these are made on behalf of:

42.  Toscania art-life
43.  Tamara
44.  Yvonne
45.  Rein




Louise said...

I love the end ones . Great green eyes monsters.

Dani said...

Hi Sandy,
What I nice and fun work! Your tutorials are really great! I was wondering if you received my previous message and perhaps will consider posting your tutorials at
Please contact me at so i can give you more details. We would love to have you as a teacher!
Thank you,

Dani Almeida

Tina said...

I adore reading your blog and wanted to thank you for the links to the great tutorials !

Tina - Createdwithfire Studios