Sunday, February 28, 2010

My new earring holder

Hi Everyone,

I love earrings. They're what I buy as souvenirs from places that I go to. I never, ever, change my necklaces or rings, but my earrings change every day.

I have been looking for a nice earring holder forever. My previous earring holder was a wire mesh pencil holder. It worked well, but it didn't really look nice on my dresser. I've been looking everywhere for something that I would like. There are some nice stands out there somewhere, because I see them at the One of a Kind shows holding the artist's products, but I haven't found anything.

Anyhow, I was at my friend Talar's place before Christmas and she had simple cork board that she had put a ribbon in rows on and had placed her earrings on that. I very much liked the concept, but again, it didn't work well in my bedroom.

But from that idea came my inspiration. I've had this picture frame for probably a half dozen years now, and I've always had grandiose ideas of printing off a few photos and putting them in the frame. I've never done it for a number of reasons, including the limited wall space in our house. So I decided it would make a nice frame for earrings. The 4" x 6" openings were perfect for the pasta machine size and the glass (which is no longer part of the frame) made an ideal template.

Scrap clay dusted with Pearlex powders, assorted textures, some 1 mm elastic cord, and voila!, an earring holder.

For those that are interested in trying something like this, all I did was tie a slip knot on the end of the elastic cord, anchored it to one of the doodads on the back of the cardboard piece that goes in to anchor the picture (or in this case the clay piece), and then started wrapping the elastic around the clay and the cardboard piece. I anchored the other end on one of the other doodads. You can see it in the photo.

It's now hanging on a narrow spot between our bedroom door and our closet.

I like it.




surfingcat said...

Great idea, when I have as many earrings as you I'll try it ;) I have a lot of necklaces so am off to see if I can think of a way to modify this idea to store them (they are currently all on a boringmetal coat hanger - I guess at least I could cover that in clay to make it prettier. Thanks for sharing the idea.

nattyj said...

What a neat idea! I currently use a cork board covered with some fabric & use pins to hang my earrings & necklaces. But this looks so much better - think I'll need to replace mine with one like this! Thanks!