Monday, February 8, 2010

Eye canes - Week 6 of canes

Hi Everyone,

The photos in this blog entry are not mine. Please read on.

Through OWOH I've been visiting sites of other artists and have been paying attention to those that have left comments. Sue C of Chasing Rainbows, Too has left a few comments on some of my blog entries so I started perusing her blog. She's introduced me to a number of things including Selkirk Rex Cats. She's also got some great links to other clayers, one of whom I'm excited to be writing about in a future post.

Sue C does canes and I was intrigued by her mention of eye canes and she posts several photos of the initial process here and here. She promises that the picture above will transform itself into an eye cane. At first I had no idea how she was going to do that, and I still don't. But she does show what an eye cane looks like in one of her first blog entries. And here they are.

I'm looking forward to future entries on how she transforms the pixels above to the eye canes later on. I think it sounds like an entry for Polymer Cafe.

Please take a wander through Sue C's blog.




MB-Schmuckdesign said...

The original Eye Cane is from Keru (Kerstin Rupprecht).
Look at her HP:

Best wishes Bettina

Louise said...

And I have seen it made by xtine alibert on my creation fimo gang

Kerstin said...

Here's a tutorial for an eye cane from 2002:

Best regards