Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bottles 2-12

Hi Everyone,

Here are 10 more Bottles of Hope. Four of these were made before Christmas but hadn't gone to the hospitals so I'm counting them.

As promised, they are named after the following bloggers.

2 - Faerie Moon Creations, an artist who makes beautiful jewelry
3 - Barb's Garden whose oil paintings look like watercolours and radiate light
4 - Jingle who is a scrapbooker and so much more
5 - Donna whose blog gives me itchy ankles just by looking at the title and doesn't do justice to her digital scrapbooking talent
6 - Sharon a quilter whose colour choices I very much like
7 - Sarah Eiley whose brand new 2010 blog is dedicated to many things motherhood
8 - Golden Angel Works whose patience with cross-stitch is a thing to be envied
9 - marie-neige who isn't a blogger and doesn't have a website so isn't eligible for my giveaway, but she visited my site and I will at least grant her a BOH.
10 - Kelly, who appreciates and creates altered art by mixing old black and white photos with other media
11 - Tina Holden, a fellow Clayamie clayer out in BC who does beautiful work of all sorts and offers wonderful tutorials
12 - Astrid MacLean, another altered art artist who sometimes incorporates clay into her offerings and whose colour choices remind one of times gone by.

So that's it for now. I have other bottles on the go and will be posting those in the future.



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