Monday, November 2, 2009

Belated Beautiful Birthday Bounty!

Hi Everyone,

When I got home the other day there was a package waiting for me. My mother had sent me two more Jon Anderson creations; the large elephant and the penguin.

Here are the photos of my collection. I've been an admirer for years but got the first piece during my travels through Arizona last year. Then Mom got me a couple of pieces for Christmas and now she's given me a couple more a few months after my birthday.

This next photo is of the detail of Jon's signature cane. Each piece is dated. You can also take a look at the cane detail.

But for cane detail - take a look at the elephant on the elephant. Jon's work is so amazing. It's the type of thing I can stare at for minutes at a time trying to figure out how he did something like he did. Beautiful!

And here's a shot of the penguin cane on the penguin.

I think I'll only collect one more piece, the roadrunner, which I saw in Arizona and should have bought.

Anyhow, had to share the photos.




Louise said...

Very interesting Sandy!
To a canner that is the ultimate right!

Louise said...

oups read caner.
I mixed the french and english word.
Ah! les langues!!!

Anonymous said...

Sandy, I think I love your MOM. How wonderful and to have friends to clay with is awesome too. I so much enjoy looking at your art. Thank you for sharing.