Saturday, November 7, 2009

Canes a la Barbara!

Hi Everyone,

Last week was our Guild meeting and Barbara generously taught us how she does her flower canes. Here are the two canes that I made in class. These particular slices are going on a friend's journal cover.

Barbara prefers to reduce the petals to the size of the cane that she wants and then assembles the flower after all the pieces are the right size for her taste. I have to say, I do like that for flowers since one of the things I hate doing is packing the outside of the canes.

These flowers are about a half inch across.

The one challenge to that is that I have problems reducing an irregular shape consistently when it's 12-24 inches long. You can see that in the flowers above. It works out OK, because by the time you apply the flowers to something and mush them a bit onto whatever clay substrate they're on, it's probably not too noticeable. Assembling tiny bits of length of clay is also a bit fiddly as well.

Her technique will be something that I will use again.

Barbara is a wonderful teacher and I also have the fortune of calling her friend.



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