Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Yesterday at work we had a pumpkin carving contest which inspired me to play around with this year's pumpkin. I had read about sculpting pumpkins with a dremel tool so I thought I would do that. Here's where we're outlining the pumpkin with a dremel tool. We thought we would try to do the fancy type of pumpkin where there isn't an actual hole through the pumpkin but that the pumpkin was carved in relief.

Dremel tools don't work well for the untalented on the larger portions to be carved out.

Chiseling went well at first, but every time we tried to see what it would look like with the light inside, we realized that we needed it to be thinner and that it was going to take forever. We were already more than an hour into carving the pumpkin at this point. So it was decision time, do we persist in trying to make it a shaded pumpkin or just say screw it and just go for the traditional cut out type of pumpkin.

We got out the jigsaw at this point and carved right through the pumpkin for the larger areas. Then refined with knives and clay kit carving tools. Here's what it looked like finished in regular lighting.

And here's what it looks like lit up. We're happy with it but will likely stick to simple faces for next year.