Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bear Cane - my next project cane

Hi Everyone,

I'm still working on the design of my bear cane, but here's pretty much what he's going to look like, at least geometrically. I'm still trying to figure out the colours and I've decided that I'm going to put some of my small claw canes down at the feet of the bear. And I may change the patterns a bit.

This was inspired by a shirt that I have from Dagoli Designs. You can see a photo here.

I doubt that I'll add such detail to the background though I'll likely add something there.

I've made up some brown clay for the bear but not sure whether I've got enough so I'm going to sit and think about it a bit more.

The design was created using Microsoft Powerpoint.

Of course, I'll post more as I go.



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