Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sandra McCaw's DVD is here!

I watched it last night and can hardly wait to try the techniques! The DVD is 85 minutes long and definitely requires more than one viewing. I think that experienced caners would pick up a few tips and I know that I had several "aha!" moments. I will have to watch it a couple of more times.

It's much more technical and precise than Judy Belcher's technique and I would think that making the cane would probably take a couple of hours the first time.

I doubt that I'll have time to try it this week but I do want to play with it and bring it into my project. I consider the video a good buy.

Here's another photo from her site which you can find here.

Next up, packing for Morrisburg - a three day clay weekend.



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Sally said...

Hi Sandy
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Sally K.