Sunday, December 5, 2010

Warning, not for sensitive eyes...or why an oven thermometer is critical

Hi Everyone,

Last year Mom bought a new oven for claying. She had also been buying oven thermometers but kept misplacing them. She decided to trust the oven setting since it was a good and expensive oven. That turned out to be a bit of a mistake.

I call him Gangrene Santa, which is a bit gruesome, but so is he.

Interestingly enough the white didn't burn hardly at all. The translucent did, of course, but so did a fair bit of the red. I love the detail of the toe sticking out of the sock and of him smoking a pipe.

She gave me this one as a joke and made a Mrs. and Mr. Claus as a replacement once she bought a new thermometer and now no longer burns things. I will post pictures of those later.

Oven thermometers are critical. I've found the dollar store ones to be just as good as the more expensive ones.




Mortira said...

Poor Santa! I looks like he's suffering from years of frostbite after all those midnight sleigh rides with nothing but a pointy hat for protection.

At least he still makes a nice little keepsake. I bet he'll bring on good laughs for years!

Debbie said...

Let me add that my engineer hubby also suggested you get two, of different manufacturers. They tend to be calibrated slightly differently, so if you use two, and take the difference between the two as the actual temp, you're even closer to accurate.

Louise said...

Poor Santa got stuck in a chimney with a fire still on. A roaring one too!
Hope to see the rest of your mom's art.