Friday, December 24, 2010

More snowmen

Hi All,

Here are a couple more snowmen. These are for my sister and my nephew. My sister thought it might be fun to see one with two different size eyes, so that's for her.

My nephew is only four months old so I doubt that he'll appreciate it this year and even next year. I debated on whether I was going to make him ornaments since he's a boy and I can't see a teenager or young male adult appreciating the ornaments. But then I realized that he'll be a boy for the next ten years or so and Christmas will be exciting to him and maybe he'll enjoy hanging his very own ornaments on the tree. So I'll make him ornaments until he's no longer interested.




Fiona said...

Happy Christmas and we'll get our swap together in the new year. Fiona.

Jem said...

Keep making ornaments for your nephew, he'll always appreciate them. I've given my boys an ornament in their stockings since my oldest was a baby. They're now 16 & 18 and still love to get them. I try to find something that commemorates something from the past year (or just fits their particular sense of humour) & I put their name & year on them. They know that when they move out they'll have a collection of special ornaments for their own tree.
Happy New Year!

Teressa Thompson said...

OH these are adorable!