Friday, December 24, 2010

My Clayamies ornaments...

Hi All,

Every year I participate in the Clayamies Christmas ornament exchange. You can see other ornaments here (do check it out, they're beautiful!). This year's ornament was inspired by some work that Vio was doing with cutout circles.

For the textures I used, of course, my favourites, Bev's Impress It sheets which you can buy at Shades of Clay. I've had the fans texture sheet for a while but haven't used it too much. Turns out it's perfect for Christmas trees. The fans texture sheet was a doodle done by one of our guild member's friends. She brought in the doodle to guild and a texture was born.

I started with the green layer first, it's scrap clay with lots of mica powder on it. I baked that. Then I poured some green alcohol ink into some Future and painted the tree and let dry.

Used the same cutter and cut out the second layer. Placed it behind the first layer and used the first layer as a guide for the next smaller circles. Third layer was done the same way as well as the fourth, which I textured on the other side with my Christmas stamp. Textured the sides to make all the layers blend together with liberal dollops of mica powder. Then baked and added small rhinestones in the centres of the holes.

I was happy with them.

Season's Greetings to all.



Pat Sernyk said...

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for posting how you did the ornament. I was
The Christmas tree was beautiful as were all the other ones I received.
Hope your Christmas is wonderful.

Louise said...

Thanks for the tutorial Sandy!
Have a wonderful New Year!