Saturday, April 3, 2010

These have to be useful, right?

Hi Everyone,

We have a grown-up toy store in Canada called Lee Valley Tools.  It's where I buy my watchcases and we've got several other tools around the house from them. Others buy their pen blanks.  I can easily pass an hour in their store and we get frequent catalogs that are fun to peruse. To quote their website:

"Lee Valley Tools has been meeting the needs of serious woodworkers and gardeners for over 30 years as one of the leading mail-order and retail suppliers of woodworking tools, gardening tools and cabinet hardware. "

I don't go in very often because it's sometimes hard for me to come out with only what I was looking for.  Such was the case this last week when I went in to purchase five small rare earth magnets for a project that I want to do.

Instead, I came out with a sampler set of magnets, several nifty storage containers, and these sanding shapes.  I've already come up with uses for the storage containers - they're wonderful and the perfect size for holding the small Pearlex containers.  I also think I might start storing my canes in the square ones.  They're a really great value and work out to just under $2 per container.

The magnets will be useful for other things, and the set of fifty seemed a reasonable price of $15 vs the $4 I was going to pay for just five of them.  But in truth, I suspect they will sit on my shelf for a while until I do figure out what to do with them.

It's the sanders that were a complete impulse buy and I don't yet have a use for them.  But they look interesting.  I was intrigued by the shapes and thought for sure that I could use them either for moulding things, or heaven forbid, actually as sanding tools.  They're pretty flexible so I'm not sure how useful they'll be for shaping my clay and the clay does eat the rubber a bit so I'm going to have to be careful.

Anyhow, unless I'm at the dollar store I generally try to avoid buying on speculation, but I couldn't resist these.  I'm curious as to what I'm going to do with them.  I'd be willing to listen to suggestions other than how to sand with them.

If you're in Canada (or even the US since they do ship to the US) and haven't heard of Lee Valley Tools, then please do go spend a few minutes browsing their website and flip through their on-line catalogues.




Elaine said...

This made me smile. Lee Valley gives me the same issues. I never leave with just what I wanted.

I have had the sanding shapes for years and they are perfect for sanding the lips of vases, bowls, flat surfaces. My carpenter dad passed his over to me when he bought extras.

Tonja Lenderman said...

I can imagine the "B" shaped sanding tool used to hold a round cane in place to slice it. :) And the pointy one would be great for getting to those tight places when I sand my jewelry.